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In Real Estate Oaxaca you will find free, valuable information about real estate in Oaxaca Mexico; we’ll guide you through your whole purchasing experience. We are an inmobiliaria house property and a oaxaca mexico real estate and have the means and the experience to present to you cheap land in mexico and valuable properties for sale in Oaxaca and we will introduce you in the process of acquiring your dream home in México.

Acquire a House in The 2nd Best City in Mexico, South and CentroAmerica according to TRAVEL & LEASURE MAGAZINE!


Acquiring a property in Oaxaca, México used to be a headache and a very frustrating experience, not anymore! with Real Estate Oaxaca and now the New Mexican rules and regulations make it easy for an American or any foreign to own a property in Oaxaca, México and knowing the basics and the process will reduce the stress dramatically.More..Click here


In Oaxaca you have to look hard to find the property that fulfills your needs. The reason why is because the difference of cultures and architectural design differences, mostly in the US the spaces are ample and well distributed. The process of buying the property is easy once you understand the process and the terms; we’ll get to that in a minute. To give you an edge will provide you with some tools and basic knowledge in how to acquire your property and get the list of homes for sale in oaxaca city. More..


Take advantage of our FREE tips and Ideas for your benefit

• Get the best price for your future oaxaca property

• Avoid paying to much in taxes in the purchasing process

• Avoid getting rip-offs left and right

• Protect yourself from on each oaxaca real estate deal

• Get to know your rights as a foreign investor in México

• Choose and pick only the best oaxaca real estate agencies

• Get financial advise in your oaxaca real estate loans

• Increase the value of your house with our free tips

• Get the best local, folk décor advise

• Choose the right areas to live in Oaxaca city for a bargain

• Get to know the Spanish schools, education choices for your kids Oaxaca city

• Save on medical expenses and health care by living in Oaxaca, México

• Save a great deal by retiring in México (make your retirement check really last)

• Learn where to shop and save a lot in your groceries

Learn the basic tips an ideas to make your real estate oaxaca deal a simple and fun experience.

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